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05.05.11 - Wed.

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Chief Wang, k . Revenue is normally no issue, Nonetheless, however understandthat this approach young lady will be destined as well as Simon Jinlian pretty befriend. Quickly.
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[M] ■コメント・トラックバックなどについて
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Air Jordan 9 has a smooth and simple vamp, the initial release, which the vast majority are white / black / red color. However, details of the design of these shoes is where most out of color, at the heel of the “Earth” logo to make these shoes the idea of ??globalization has been fully reflected. In the forefoot portion of the outsole has German, Japanese, Swahili, Russian, French and Italian words or text made, but also underscores the entire pair of shoes in the world flavor. Tinker explained, “When we began the development of Air Jordan 9 when Michael just to Asia to participate in Nike promotional activities, so this kind of shoes is more or less influenced by Asian culture. Sole reflects the many languages ??of the world thought , this time Michael Jordan is no longer merely an American hero, but the hero of fans around the world. trapeze signs at the heel first and earth put together, a symbol of trapeze flying over the whole earth. ”
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